Saturday, May 1, 2010

Turtle conjuring

I’ve been noticing the scarcity of box turtles on my walks lately, even beginning to wonder if the population is declining for some reason. Last night I went to bed with turtles on my mind—and this morning, as if I had conjured them, scads of turtles, thanks to the heavy rain that set in a round 4 AM. Turtles love the rain, especially in the spring. For some reason they like to mate during wet weather. (Sound familiar? I posted about this last year.)

I was delighted with the turtles, and with the soggy walk. I love hiking in the rain. There’s always an initial resistance to getting wet, but once I surrender to the experience I realize that I like that sensation of the water slowly soaking through my shoes, droplets running down my arms. There’s a wonderful loss of boundaries when you’re out in the rain. It doesn’t respect your personal space.

Unfortunately, the morning showers have turned into a daylong deluge with tornadoes and heavy storms south of here, and flooding everywhere. It looks to continue all day tomorrow. Too much of a good thing. I take no responsibility. I only wished for turtles.

Charmeur de tortues, L. Crépon, 1869


Anonymous said...

I love this. I too like a walk in the rain, for all the same reasons. Long ago I drove a girlfriend crazy, she told me later, by often saying, "Hey, it's raining. Let's go for a walk. Very nice post. Feels as if we were walking along with you.

Anonymous said...

Damn, I didn't close my quotation.


Anya said...

Maria, it's gator, lizard and generally reptilian mating season here in Miami. The sights! The sounds! ;-)

About the loss of boundaries getting wet while outside: happens just about every time I garden, as I have an uncanny ability to get the hose flailing around, or I drop it, and the handle hits the ground and the nozzle gets me good, but mostly - just being outside in the humidity here means the moisture collects on your skin, the moisture in the air blends with it, and there you are, reliving a bit of an amphibian engramme. Well, at least I do.