Saturday, August 2, 2008

Lizard weather

The fish were jumpin' this morning, just like the song says.** It's still hot here, humid and overcast--perfect fishing weather, but nobody was taking advantage of it. I had the lake shore all to myself and the fish were left to play unmolested. Most of the birds were sleeping late, so it was quiet except for the cicadas and the periodic splash from a leaping bass. It's a very cheerful sound, that splash.

The whole park was oddly depopulated for a Saturday morning. On a typical weekend there are anglers, hikers and maybe a gaggle of boy scouts entering the park as I leave it. Today I met only one very intense-looking runner, and a big guy with a lot of tattoos who was gathering firewood. I guess everybody's hiding from the heat.

The lizards love this weather, and they seem to be everywhere. A startled skink ran over my foot as I walked the trail. Skinks make me feel very nostalgic. I only have to look at one to be reminded of all the hot summer days I spent as a kid just hanging out in the woods. I loved to catch the little blue-tailed ones and play with them a while, then turn them loose in the grass. I'm sure I enjoyed that more than they did.

The walk back from the lake was pretty sweaty, and I rewarded myself by stopping for a few of the remaining blackberries, which have been very juicy and sweet this year. I scarfed a couple of cherries, too. Why should the skunks get them all?

**Click here for a nice little essay on why fish jump.

Photo of skink by Patrick Coin from Wikipedia.


chayaruchama said...

I used to collect them and play with them, too...
Down by the river.
Pretty things....

BitterGrace said...

Lizard lovers unite! They are pretty things.